LGS Innovations researches and develops analytics and visualization capabilities that help convert raw sensor data and associated meta-data into the actionable knowledge required for critical decision making essential to the mission. Our solutions address the challenges faced in collecting, characterizing, and analyzing big data from traditional mobile communications technologies utilizing widely adopted standards (3G, 4G/LTE, WiFi, etc.).

Because of the rapid advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) and corresponding explosion in the number of devices connected to the Internet has impacted most aspects of our business and personal lives, modern analytics has become much more complex and begs for an innovative approach.

LGS has invested significantly in the research and development of new methods, approaches, tools, and techniques for analyzing data specific to our customers’ priorities and needs:

  • Clustering and visualization capabilities: quickly process raw, giga-scale geo/spatial “dots on a map” to identify users, groups, and locations of interest
  • Modern analytics computing engines: tools including the Elastic/Logstash/Kibana (ELK) stack to provide our customers with flexibility, extensibility, and scalability
  • Analytics and visualization: open framework approach

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