About LGS Innovations

Vendor-Neutral Networking and Communications Products, Solutions, and Services

As a leading communications and network integrator, LGS Innovations is vendor-independent, maintaining strategic relationships with the leading technology companies. Designing the solution that best meets the needs of our customers is always our first priority, regardless of the product manufacturer.

LGS also maintains active relationships with Cisco, Juniper, Brocade, Fortinet, Nokia, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, and most of the top telecommunications manufacturers. LGS Innovations is a former subsidiary of Alcatel-Lucent, with exclusive reseller rights to deliver legacy Alcatel-Lucent products to the U.S. government, both directly and through any indirect supplier. Following Nokia’s acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent in January 2016, LGS maintains this exclusive reseller role with the U.S. government, offering the same products as under the Alcatel-Lucent brand.

We also hold relationships with Oracle, Microsoft, and many of the leading IT organizations. Access to new technologies, coupled with LGS Innovations’ extensive experience with multi-vendor environments, enables LGS to select the right combination of hardware, software, and services to meet our customers’ mission requirements.

Offering an Information Advantage

LGS Innovations offers its customers an information advantage that contributes to mission and operational success, from defending the homeland, to increasing and improving services to the citizen, to protecting the communications of energy, automotive, and financial institutions, and governments and other commercial organizations worldwide.

LGS Innovations meets its customers’ communications requirements with four types of standards-based offerings:

  • Research and Development: LGS Innovations provides advanced research in multimedia/radio frequency (RF), photonics, sensing technologies, cybersecurity, and wireless technologies.
  • Nokia Products: Nokia Products: As a leading supplier of Nokia (formerly Alcatel-Lucent) products and services, LGS Innovations provides its customers the most technologically advanced telecommunications products at an affordable price.
  • Network Integration: Offering multi-vendor solutions to provide the best in network design, integration, implementation, and installation, including market-leading contract and program management services. LGS Innovations holds an ISO 9001: 2008 Certification for network systems integration, installation, and services.
  • Professional Services: LGS Innovations delivers a mature catalog of consulting and professional services and operational tools tailored to the mission needs of each of its customers. Services include:

    – Telecommunications Planning

    – Information Assurance Assessments

    – Targeted Hardening of Third Party Software

    – Enterprise Architecture

    – IT Service Management

    – Enterprise Network Management Planning

    – Process Improvement

    – Data Center Consolidation Planning

    – Project Management

    – Software Development

    – Systems Engineering

    – Virtual Service Migration Planning

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