LGS Innovations is a technology company delivering mission-critical solutions comprised of custom and commercial communications products, R&D, and supporting services to U.S. defense, intelligence, and civilian agencies, state and local governments, critical infrastructure operators, telecommunications and service providers, and other commercial customers around the world. We create advanced solutions in wireless communications, signals processing and analysis, optical networking, photonics, spectrum operations and management, routing and switching, and network assurance.


LGS expertise in C4ISR and cybersecurity is in increasing demand as missions, platforms, and operating spheres have merged with advanced communications and signals intelligence technologies to enable both offensive and defensive cybersecurity operations. LGS solutions play across the C4ISR and cyber spaces, and often evolve across these functional areas to meet customer needs.


Innovation is in our DNA. LGS traces its ancestry directly to Bell Labs and AT&T, creators of many of the world’s most significant advances in computing and communications. These include the first binary digital computer, the transistor, the first solar battery cell, the laser, demonstrated cellular technology, UNIX, the first fiber-optic transatlantic cable, the first wireless Internet prototype system, and the first 100 gigabits per second (Gbps) Internet Protocol transmission

Company Culture

LGS Innovations offers flexibility, an entrepreneurial spirit, and opportunities to grow—all while you apply your creativity, insights, and expertise in a hands-on atmosphere addressing the unique and mission critical needs of government and commercial organizations.
The culture of innovation fostered at LGS encourages creative thinking and collaboration with your teammates to create state-of-the-market communications technologies and cost-effective networking solutions.


The mission of LGS Innovations is to be the preferred and most trusted provider of innovative solutions and technologies that solve the most complex communications and networking needs of governments and commercial enterprises worldwide.

LGS Innovations provides integrated communications solutions that incorporate best-of-breed commercial and custom technology, R&D, and consulting services to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and provide an information advantage to its customers.


LGS Innovations is dedicated to acting in a socially responsible manner through our interactions with all stakeholders: employees, partners, customers, suppliers, investors, and local communities. We maintain a tradition of corporate responsibility and engagement through a dedication to ethics and compliance, environmental awareness, and community involvement.

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