PrintAlliant, GSA’s premier enterprise GWAC, provides flexible access to customized IT solutions from a large, diverse pool of industry partners that include a $50 Billion program ceiling and a five-year base period with one five-year option. The scope of the Alliant GWAC includes any and all components of an integrated Information Technology (IT) solution, including all current and any new technologies which may emerge during the life cycle of the Contract, and IT systems and services in support of National Security Systems, as defined in FAR 39.002. The primary Alliant support areas include:

  • Service Access Delivery
  • Service Platform and Infrastructure
  • Component Framework
  • Service Interface and Integration
  • Customer Service
  • Process Automation
  • Business Management
  • Business Asset Services
  • Business Analytical Services
  • Back Office Services
  • Support Services (Security, Systems, and Forms Management, Communications)
  • DoDEA Mission Area Support
  • Controls and Oversight
  • Risk Management and Mitigation
  • Regulatory Development
  • Planning and Resource Allocation
  • System and Network Controls

Contract Benefits
With GSA’s Alliant contract, government agencies can obtain a single source of integrated IT services and access to “best in class” private sector IT services. Its broad array of features and benefits include:

  • Allows for long-term planning on large-scale programs
  • Offers flexibility and supports all contract types (i.e., fixed price, cost reimbursement, labor-hour and time-materials)
  • Adheres to pre-competed and streamlined ordering procedures
  • Accommodates federal guidelines regarding enterprise architecture and other IT compliance standards and protocols
  • Requires Top Secret facility clearances for awardees.

LGS Alliant Contract Information is here

SPONSOR: General Services Administration (GSA)
PROGRAM CEILING: $50 billion
TYPE OF TASK ORDER: FP, CR, Labor Hour, and T&M
PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: May 1, 2009 – April 30, 2019
(Period of performance for task orders may extend five years beyond the expiration date of the basic contract, or out to 2024.)


GWAC PMO: Karen Kingsbury, 240-222-2984,

Contracting Point of Contact: David Elder, 336-279-5079,

GSA’s IT Schedule 70, a widely used acquisition vehicle in the federal government, is an indefinite delivery / indefinite quantity (IDIQ) multiple award schedule and provides all DoD and Civilian agencies with information technology and telecommunications hardware, software, and professional services. GSA IT Schedule 70 supports customers on a worldwide basis, and since there is no maximum order limitation, customers can use the Schedule to support large-scale multi-million dollar efforts. The services and solutions offered by LGS Innovations under GSA IT Schedule 70 include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Professional Services
  • Products and Services
  • Video Teleconferencing Services (VTC)
  • Video/Audio Teleconferencing Solutions
  • Video Teleconferencing Electronic Room Equipment Maintenance
  • Alcatel-Lucent Products

You can also search GSA Advantage for LGS Innovations and Alcatel-Lucent products and services. Keyword: GS-35F-0429L. The GSA Schedule 70 Award (including Terms & Conditions) is available here.

SPONSOR: General Services Administration (GSA)
PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: Through May 30, 2021

Sales: Phil Alderson, 336-279-4761, or Anthony Auman, 336-279-3065,
Contracting: Eleina Maturino, 336-638-2976,

The GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS), which incorporates the former GSA Schedule 871 – Professional Engineering Services Schedule, is a worldwide Federal Supply Schedule contract issued by the GSA. This contract provides a streamlined approach for federal agencies to access, among other things, qualified firms in the engineering disciplines of mechanical, electrical, chemical, components of civil engineering. Agencies can also access sub-disciplines such as aerospace, nuclear, bioengineering, fire protection, and marine architecture. Construction management services are also available.

The services offered by LGS Innovations under the GSA PSS include the following:

  • System Design, Engineering & Integration
  • Test & Evaluation
  • Integrated Logistics Support
  • Construction Management

The GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS) Award (including Terms & Conditions) is available here.

SPONSOR: General Services Administration (GSA)
PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: May 17, 2011 through May 16, 2021

Sales: Steve Wolter, 703-394-1520, or James Agniel, 703-394-1516,
Contracting: Eleina Maturino, 336-638-2976,

LGS Innovations offers both its own and Alcatel-Lucent products and services through a number of our partners’ GSA Schedules. For a listing, please go to GSA Advantage and search for “LGS Innovations,” “Alcatel-Lucent,” or part number.

Sales: Phil Alderson, 336-279-4761, or Anthony Auman, 336-279-3065,
Contrating: Eleina Maturino, 336-638-2976

On September 26, 2013, LGS Innovations was selected as part of the multi-vendor, five-year, $4.1B Communications and Transmissions Systems (CTS) contract awarded by the Defense Communications and Army Transmission Systems (DCATS) and the U.S. Army CECOM Life Cycle Management Command's Acquisition Center. The CTS contract facilitates the operation of various communications systems seamlessly across integrated domains, providing the warfighter with reliable, instant access to communications worldwide.

The CTS contract covers procurement of hardware and services including systems integration, systems engineering and analysis, operations, maintenance, equipment and system installation, material procurement, facility and site preparation, outside plant trenching, software support, program management, logistics, technical field assistance, test and evaluation, modeling and simulation, information operations and assurance support, training, and depot support at local and regional levels.

The CTS requirements encompass a wide range of communications systems and technologies with corresponding management and administrative responsibilities, and incorporate both new and existing Government systems. Work on the CTS contract requires a deep technical understanding of communication and transmission systems that include transmission media (e.g. microwave, fiber optics, copper, radio, and wireless), turn-key communications systems, hardware and software, and support services.

The CTS scope of Communications & Transmissions Systems includes:

  • Fixed Station Satellite Systems (FS3)
  • Deployed Satellite Systems
  • Baseband, Technical Control Facility, Main Control Facility, and Ancillary Equipment
  • Long-Haul Transmission Systems
  • Radio Systems
  • Wireless Systems
  • Audio/Visual Systems
  • Critical AC/DC Power and Environmental Systems (CADPES)
  • Components and Spares
  • Wideband Planning, Management, and Control
  • Local Area Networks

SPONSOR: Army Contracting Command – Rock Island (ACC-RI), Rock Island, IL
PROGRAM CEILING: $4.1 billion
TYPE OF TASK ORDER: Firm Fixed Price (FFP), non-option-eligible, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity, multiple vendor
Five years (26 Sep 13 – 25 Sep 18)

Account Executive: Paul Saint Germain, 703-394-1476
Contracting: Jeff Vance, 336-279-7522,

LGS Innovations is a prime supplier for the U.S. Army’s Program Executive Office Enterprise Information System’s (PEO EIS) Infrastructure Modernization (IMOD) contract, which provides fiber-optic cable and wireless communications to U.S. Army installations around the world. The PEO EIS IMOD contract helps enable the transformation and modernization of military communications from traditional circuit switch voice technology to a single, integrated, internet protocol (IP) -based, multi-media communications system.

The IMOD contract is part of the Installation Information Infrastructure Modernization Program (I3MP), an effort to improve voice, data, cable, long-distance gateway, and enterprise management services in order to modernize the core enterprise information infrastructure at U.S. Army installations worldwide.

The IMOD contract is a 10-year multiple award indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (ID/IQ) contract providing the full range of information technology (IT) services to the U.S. Army and all DoD agencies. The scope of the contract includes the seamless integration of voice, data, inside/outside cable plant and/or transmission products and services into a single integrated communications system.

LGS Innovations is providing Engineer, Furnish, Install, Secure, and Test (EFIS&T) services in support of a converged I3MP multi-vendor infrastructure at selected U.S. Army installations. Committed to delivering best-in-class solutions in a turnkey package to the Army and other DoD teams, LGS Innovations’ engineers deliver high performance networks utilizing the best technology available, and can also support the seamless integration of the military’s existing network infrastructure. Originally backed by the unrivaled technical and scientific expertise of Bell Labs, LGS Innovations continues to provide the latest and most advanced technology to give the U.S. military a pronounced edge.

SPONSOR: U.S. Army Program Executive Office, Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS)
TYPE OF TASK ORDER: Firm Fixed Price (FFP), Cost-Reimbursement (CR), or Time & Materials (T&M)
PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: Expiration date: April 2016

Account Executive:Paul Saint Germain, 703-394-1476
Contracting: Jeffrey L. Vance, 336-279-7522

LGS Innovations is one of the prime contractors for the U.S. Army’s Worldwide Communications and Infrastructure Support (WCIS) basic ordering agreement (BOA). The contract provides services for Worldwide Commercialization Support, which includes (but is not limited to) engineering, furnishing, installing, testing, integration, implementation, and enterprise services support for the complete spectrum of Information Technology (IT) equipment and service requirements of the Army and Department of Defense (DoD). The contract also provides:

  • Solution development, process development, integration and implementation of Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Information Technology (IT) products and services.
  • Technical and program management and analysis, acquisition, design, engineering, migration, cut-over, installation, integration, testing, logistical services, training, and authority to purchase any materials required to support these tasks.
  • Acquisition of hardware, software, infrastructure, associated support contracts and subscriptions with state-of-the-art, COTS/Non Developmental Item (NDI) digital switching systems/equipment, wireless, broadband, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)/Voice Over Secure Internet Protocol (VoSIP) solutions, cable plant worldwide and Video Tele-Conferencing (VTC) legacy voice solutions, storage, networking, and virtualization of data services, to include Disaster Recovery Continuity of Operations (DR/COOP).
  • Turn-key customer solutions from site preparation through equipment installation, cutover, migration support, training, initiallogistics support including modifications and upgrades.

These efforts may include supporting Technical Control Facilities (TCF), Wireless Technologies, Outside Plant (OSP), Inside Plant (ISP) and OSP/ISP Building Entrance Terminals (BET), Cross Connects, Premise Wiring, Data Stacks, Top Level Architecture (TLA) Stacks, Data and Virtualization Services, Enterprise Services and Capabilities, Distributed Systems Integration, and Voice and Video Tele-Conferencing (VTC) solutions. Any services to be awarded under this BOA vehicle will be quoted and performed in accordance with the overarching Performance Work Statement (PWS) located at solicitation attachment 0001.

SPONSOR: Army Contracting Command - Rock Island (ACC-RI) - Program Executive Office Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS)
PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: December 9, 2013 – December 18, 2016

Project Manager: Bill Womack, 336-279-4915
Contracting: Jeffrey L. Vance, 336-279-7522

LGS Innovations has been awarded one of twenty positions on the NETCENTS-2 NetOps Full Air Force contract vehicle, a network operations and infrastructure contract to help modernize the Air Force’s infrastructure, networks, systems and operations. The NETCENTS-2 contract is a multi-award Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) contract with a ceiling of $7.91 billion with a three-year base period and four one-year options.

Under the terms of the contract, LGS will provide solutions to support network operations, core enterprise services, and infrastructure development and operations. This includes the development, acquisition, integration, test, deployment, and sustainment of Air Force infrastructure. LGS will also provide a broader scope of services including production, research and development, and Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (C4ISR) mission capabilities.

The NETCENTS-2 program paves the way for increased efficiency in innovation, supporting the full IT lifecycle and ensuring that missions requiring voice, data, video communications, information services, solutions, and products receive support across the spectrum of operations.

SPONSOR: Department of the Air Force (AFMC) AFLCMC/HIK

TYPE OF TASK ORDER: Firm Fixed Price (FFP), Cost-Reimbursement (CR) or Time & Materials (T&M)
PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: 15 May 2015 through 15 May 2018


GWAC PMO: Karen Kingsbury, 240-222-2984,
Contracting: Eleina N. Maturino, 336-638-2976,

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